Silverstone Front & Rear line ups and the collage from Easton Neston.

Something that will probably not be lost on you all is the significant historical links between Daventry and Hesketh Motorcycles. It's no wonder then, that the HOC remain the foremost attraction at this annual Motorcycle Festival.

The Daventry connection remains strong for both the Club and motorcycle. The fact it was built in this small Northamptonshire market town is something that its inhabitants feel immensely proud of, even though the affair was only short-lived! Of note; the plaque commemorating the opening of the purpose-built factory by Lady Hesketh is still fixed on the wall of the old unit.

It was at this very spot that all the remaining parts and motorcycles were auctioned off, under the watchful gaze of the inaugural Members of the HOC – was that the first official "social event?" Perhaps an article from one of those individuals would help us newer Members to better understand the feelings and emotions of that particular day?

But, back to the 2014Festival… it commenced with the usual, pre-arranged, assembly point at the local motorcycle shop on the outskirts of Daventry. Before long we were part of one-hundred or so motorbikes riding in a police-escorted convoy to the town centre to our allocated places along the High Street and Market Square. The bikes ranged widely from old to new, fast to slow and scooter to custom. The HOC were positioned in pride of place on the High Street, fortunately right next to the café!

Our presence immediately attracted interest with the usual queries, but more importantly the many memories associated with the motorcycle and connections with the factory. One of the "advantages" of being HOC Chair-person was having the "pleasure" of having a microphone thrust into my face, just as I was finishing a gorgeous bacon-butty, by the main organizer. In fact, this was a great opportunity to tie the past with the future explaining where Hesketh Motorcycles went and where they are today after I’d given a brief description of the bikes and the Club.

The atmosphere was a family friendly one and we were made extremely welcome by all. Due to the significant ties associated with Daventry, this Festival will be embedded into the HOC’s Social Calendar each year. I certainly encourage you attend next year to keep those vital links between the Club and town intact; we’ll also take a ride out straight after the Festival to the factory and Towcester for dinner.

My thanks go to Dave "Junior" Harris who was instrumental in organizing this important event for the HOC.

Scott Greig – HOC Chairman

Between September 9th and 16th HOC completed a short European tour following this loose itinerary:

We left from the Club Annual Rally, Towcester on the morning of Sunday 9th September and caught the Dover Calais ferry.

Following an overnight stay at the Biker's Loft in Belgium. We proceeded to Southern Germany - Odenwald region - and stayed for a couple of days. There we met up with some of HOC's German Members.

We returned via Hockenheim (with a visit to the museum), and very much enjoyed our overnight stay in Ardennes.

It was a brisk run from Ardennes to catch the Calais - Dover ferry back to Blighty on Friday 14th, but taking our time on the trip was well worth the hurry home.

There are loads of photos from the trip, some of which are shown below. Others will be published in the next issue of the HOC Sock (Number 101), expected to drop through your door around the first weekend in November 2012 (If you've crossed Dave H Snr's palm with silver).

HOC attended the VMCC organised "Festival of 1000 Bikes" in July 2009.

Chairman, Dave Killner, took his Hesketh out on to the circuit parade.

Classic Bike Editor, Hugo Wilson, did the honours of judging the "Lord Hesketh Trophy", awarding it to Dave Killner, no less...

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