The Hesketh Owners Club

Was founded In September 1982, shortly after the close of the original Daventry factory (14 June 1982) by a original chairman; Edwin Faulkner and a group of like-minded owners who actually met at the factory auction. Initially formed as a “mutual assistance society” with the aim of helping all Hesketh owners keep their machines on the road, the group quickly developed into a very sociable club, hosting and attending many events throughout the year.

The Club’s initial objectives were to generate self-help and address the problems of spares and repair availability in the absence of dealer and factory support, as the second Hesketh company, Hesleydon, failed and production of the V1000 and Vampire models looked to be grinding to a complete halt. Thankfully, Mick Broom, a member of the Daventry/Hesleydon development team(s), stepped in and, with Lord Hesketh’s support, has continued to keep Hesketh Motorcycles alive and revving for almost three full decades.

Throughout this period, the Hesketh Owner’s Club has kept members informed of developments through close liaison with Mick Broom. We also help members track down the elusive/exotic parts and have had “consumables” such as fairing screens and exhaust systems remanufactured for sale to members.

The Club operates in the traditional “committee-led” Club manner, with simple rules and has, since those early days, grown to about 84 members world-wide. This may seem small by some standards but, being (probably) the World’s smallest single-make Motorcycle Owners Club. it represents some 28% of all Hesketh owners.

Having members all around the world, we try our level best to ensure that all members are kept fully up to date and encouraged to contribute to all the things we do as a Club. A Club magazine entitled “The Sock” (a quaint moniker, originally coined to described the casings surrounding the V1000’s unique sock-shaped timing-chain casings) is published quarterly and includes the Club Events Calendar, event reports, technical tips, readers’ adverts, travelogues, and a range of general biking items. .

The Club keeps records of all publicity and technical material related to Hesketh Motorcycles and this is accessible to all Club members. The records include all published articles (that is, all known to Club members) and some of these date from before the bike went into production in 1982.

The Club also boasts ownership of most of the original art work, includes designs for Hesketh Motorcycles and advertising that went to press, prior to launch. All historical articles have been placed into safe keeping with the Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMCC), on a “permanent loan” basis, but Club members can gain access to this information by making a request via the Club Contacts page.

Alongside the familar Committee positions, the Club also has a Technical Secretary, who provides technical advice to members, on request; a Public Relations Officer who maintains visibility of the Club in the media; and a Social Secretary, who organises the various events the Club holds and /or attends, detailing these in the Club’s Events Calendar (a more detailed version is distributed with “the Sock”) and these include:

Factory Visits

We try to include a variety of events each year and in the past we have been to Triumph Motorcycles, Morgan Cars, Jaguar Cars, Rolls Royce Aero Engines, Geeson Brothers, Prickwillow Pumping Station, Hook Norton Brewery, Snowshill Manor, Sammy Millers, Beaulieu, Ally Pally Classic Car Show.

Annual Rally

The Annual Rally usually enjoys a different venue each year. The “joint rally” theme has worked well and, in the past, we have teamed-up with the BSA Owners Club and enjoyed their hospitality for a weekend; (as a quid pro quo, we organised the ride-out). Another year we teamed-up with the Vincent Owners Club and had a most enjoyable time in the “big club” environment. Other years have been on a smaller scale and we go our own way as befits a single make Club. All are just as enjoyable…

Classic Motor Cycle Shows:

The Club enjoys a lively attendance at various Classic Shows and we’re often seen Stafford, Stanford Hall, Uttoxeter and other august events, polishing our prides and joy with surprising vigour.

Committee and Annual General Meetings:

The Club manages its affairs through regular Committee meetings and an Annual General meeting. Minutes of all the meetings are distributed to members and all members are welcome to contribute to the running of the club

A photo above of the committee at an early meeting… You should see what they look like now?


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