HOC are long-time supporters of the British Motorcyclists Federation and attend as many shows as we are able to.

The following photo gallery shows "The Usual Suspects" setting up the HOC "Marquee" for the May 2011 show.

Show success at Stafford!!

The 33rd Carole Nash International Classic Motorcycle Show

The weekend went very well, we had Derek's two bikes on the stand, a Vampire and V1000, which was just right with the size of stand this time. They looked great next to our new banners - a brilliant job from HOC Member Rob Edwards.

Lots of people came to the show and we had a great deal of interest on the Hesketh stand... We sold some clothing and mugs which made Terry and Dora very happy. We even had a lapsed member re-join.

There was plenty to see, as is usual at the Stafford Shows. The auction had nothing that really stood out but something for everyone.

I would very much like to thank Terry, Dora, Peter, Claire, Scott, David Killner, David Sharp, Tig, Nikki and Derek for their help. Without this help HOC would'nt be able to keep our attendance at the show going and keep the Heskeths in the public eye.

Dave Harris - HOC Social Secretary

Well, we seem to have gotten all snap-happy and suffered from "shutter-shock" during the April 2012 show... There's more snaps than you can wave a modified rear con-rod at... So many, We've created another page, just for them.

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