Contact List

HOC President

The Rt. Hon. Lord Hesketh: Wikipedia Entry

HOC Chairman

Richard Collins: 01279 812606 (Home)

HOC Secretary and Data Protection Officer

Dave Hartell: 0121 5503632 (Home)

HOC Treasurer

Mervyn Matthews: 01446 748420 (Home)

HOC Social Secretary

Dave Killner: 079282 48651 (Mobile)

HOC Technical Officer

Colin Evans: 01280 815680 (Work)

HOC Magazine Editor

Scott Greig: 01327 311955 (Home)

HOC Webmaster

Richard Collins: 01279 812606 (Home)

HOC Public Relations Officer

David Sharp: 01327 350879 (Home)

HOC Historian

Pete White: 01353 720550 (Home)

HOC Regalia

Ray James: 01327 353286 (Home)

HOC Ordinary Member
Terry Spencer: 01933 381187 (Home)


All editorial contributions and small ads for the Club’s “SOCK” magazine should be sent to the Sock Editor e-mail address. Comments/corrections/additions to the Club website should be sent to the Webmaster e-mail address. (It helps enormously).

Thank you.

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