OK Folks, this here is a collection of "miscellaneous" snaps which don't (to me anyway) fit into any of the categories and sub-categories that I've carved the HOC Photo Archive into... They're in no particular order and it would have made more sense to have called this "Messelaneous", 'cos a mess is what it is...

But, you can change all that...!!  I'm sure that you'll scan these photos and come up with; "That's Great Aunt Maude fettling the rear accelerator pump diaphragm on her V1000's PHF 36's, or I'm a Dutchman..!!" (No offence to anyone's Great Aunt Maude, or, indeed, to any Dutch guests to our (humble) site is intended.)

Well, if you do recognise a snapshot and can place the subject/event/date, etc, then please, PleasePLEASE get in touch and let me know...  I'll move the photo to the appropriate gallery and (hopefully) get rid of this page when they're all sorted.  Ta!