Between September 9th and 16th HOC completed a short European tour following this loose itinerary:

  • We left from the Club Annual Rally, Towcester on the morning of Sunday 9th September and caught the Dover Calais ferry.

  • Following an overnight stay at the Biker's Loft in Belgium. We proceeded to Southern Germany - Odenwald region - and stayed for a couple of days.  There we met up with some of HOC's German Members.

  • We returned via Hockenheim (with a visit to the museum), and very much enjoyed our overnight stay in Ardennes.

  • It was a brisk run from Ardennes to catch the Calais - Dover ferry back to Blighty on Friday 14th, but taking our time on the trip was well worth the hurry home.

There are loads of photos from the trip, some of which are shown below.  Others will be published in the next issue of the HOC Sock (Number 101), expected to drop through your door around the first weekend in November 2012 (If you've crossed Dave H Snr's palm with silver).


Biker's Loft Belgium - Shower Block   Bikers Loft Belgium - Patio Beer Garden   Bikers Loft Belgium - Dinner Al Fresco Style   Bikers Loft Belgium - The Font of All Knowledge   Bikers Loft Belgium - The Exercise Area   Wim's Hesketh (Look Carefully - It's Really In There...)   Wim's Hesketh (See..! I Told You it was in There...)   Sad Pistons From Wim's Hesketh

Oil Pump Rotors From Wim's Hesketh   Another View of Wim's Hesketh's Sad Pistons... SAD!   Mercedes - Hesketh Donor Piston - Mmmmm... Sexy!   Wim's Hesketh has Novel 3-Valve, Lo-Comp Heads   Wim's Into Classic Sidecar Racing - The Helmet is to Prevent His Terrified Brain From Escaping!   Look..! - Wim Has Found a New Oil Pump Inside This Prehistoric Alloy Block!   Just Needs the Rough Edges Neatened Up and Wim's New Oil Pump Will be Ready...   No Prizes for Guessing Which One Has the Quietest Engine...

         Hotel Lakerhof NL   Scott and Julf Sign the HOC Baton        

      Waltraud tries Dave K's lowered seat for size.      Waltraud's Black Hesketh with 5 red Heskeths behind + BMW, Triumph, Guzzi   Waltraud's Black Hesketh with 5 red Heskeths behind + BMW, Triumph, Guzzi   Marlene pours the tea - Norberts hospitality  

Heidelberg   Marlene, Waltraud & Norbert on the castle ramparts   Heidelberg              

   Hunt the wallet and contents - Dave K forgot to zip his pocket after fuel stop.

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