For 2012 the Hesketh Owner's Club has organised a "Baton Run". The intent is to involve and include as many HOC members as possible in an event that acknowledges the 30 Year Anniversary of both the Marque and the Club. The tradition of "Passing on the Baton" has a long history, particularly through the running of "Relay Races" and the HOC Baton Run draws some similarities from these. The UK Baton Run will start at the South Coast of England and a "Baton" containing an anniversary scroll, will be passed from each geographically nearest HOC member in turn, travelling across and up the UK, visiting as many HOC members as is possible, then returning South to be signed by Lord Hesketh, prior to the HOC Annual Rally. The overseas baton will, of necessity, travel by post to USA, South Africa, etc, but we hope to meet up with some European members during the September Europe Trip.  The completed scrolls and baton will be kept by HOC as a "snapshot in time", showing the HOC membership at the 30 year point.



First Stage - Keith and Elaine Rowles - Sunday 6th May 2012:

First phase complete!  Elaine and I made the 255 mile round trip  in dry and mild (ish) weather.  The roads were excellent, covering many places we'd never been to before and would certainly not have touched if we hadn't participated in this event.  We met some really nice people with and without Heskeths.  All looked after us well.  Phase 1 went  like this:

Start Point: Keith and Elaine Rowles - Barnstaple, Devon.

Barry Hitchings - Taunton, Somerset:  Barry had sold his Hesketh to "someone near Southampton."  He's Fallen out of love with his Hesketh because he and Mick couldn't sort it. - He actually wasn't interested in a meet-up as he's trying to forget Heskeths.  Poor start to the Baton Run and a real shame, but no problem - onto the next...

Mansur Darlington - North Barrow, Somerset:  Lovely guy. Made us a great coffee and allowed us to warm up on his sunny terrace.  We viewed his "stable" of motorcycles.

John Waltham - Stourton Caundle, Dorset:  John and his lovely wife fed and watered us on two occasions on the same day.  Once on the way down and again on the way back from our last visit.  John's Hesketh is well used and sits next to his equally well used Vincent Series A Comet.

Arthur Stevens - West Lulworth, Dorset:  Again, very hospitable and friendly people. Arthur and his wife watered us and Arthur proudly showed me his stable of motorcycles.  Alas no Hesketh as this was sold fairly recently but he's already pining for another.

Returned to John Waltham to pass him the baton, then returned home from John's.  Unfortunately, we were unable to see either Robert Bennett or Lance Newman.  Robert may go to see John, depending on availability of both.  John will go down to see Lance...

Baton Passed...  Next!!



First Stage Route Map: